Fall Guys is now free. But at what cost?

  • 27-06-2022 |
  • Polad Aladi

In August 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout stirred up the media space. Multiplayer royal battles were expected to be innovative, and Fall Guys offered a completely different view of the genre, reminiscent of the interactive version of the Japanese show "Takeshi Castle". Over time, the project is less and less frequently mentioned in the infopole, but the audience he did not lose - only on Steam every day it entered thousands of users. And now there are even more players - Fall Guys not only appeared on new platforms, but also switched to the conditionally free distribution model.

Money rules the world

What happened can be considered a restart - instead of the seventh season, which was to follow the sixth, we again got the first. One of the main innovations is full support not only for cross-play, but also for cross-progress. In this regard, on all platforms it is required to link your Epic Games account - if you have already done this in Fortnite, no unnecessary manipulation is required: just download and play, automatically transferring progress between platforms. Along with this, the game disappeared from the Steam store and moved to EGS.

The other major change has to do with monetization. When Fall Guys was $20, the content in it was mostly free. Combat passes were crammed with cosmetic items, both types of virtual currency could be earned just by playing. If you often won, you accumulated crowns and could purchase cool costumes, including those inspired by other video games, from your local store.

Now it's not so rosy. The battle pass is bigger (100 levels instead of 50), but now it's payable. It is worth noting that it was given to everyone who has launched the game at least once in two years, so for the old audience nothing has changed significantly. However, players who don't want to pay next time need to get to at least level 66 of the pass to earn enough schmucks - that's what the new paid currency is called.

The free version of the skip is there, of course, as in any such game. But compared to the old passes, there are noticeably fewer valuable gifts. Avatars, statuses, colors and winning poses give out enough, but there are almost no costumes - get the paid version. Without investment will be able to accumulate with the pass 300 shmyaksov, so that newcomers in the fourth season will be able to activate the paid version of the pass, if you do not want to give bloody.

The situation with costumes has gotten worse outside of the pass. Previously, to buy the coolest stuff was possible with the crowns, which are mainly earned by winning matches. With the transition to freetupley crowns disappeared as a phenomenon, and those that players managed to accumulate, turned into pumpkin laurels. As before, they can be used to buy the most common items in the store, but the most stylish items (including crossover costumes) cannot be paid for with them.

Former owners of hundreds of crowns now own a million laurels, but the joy of it is no - in fact, the crowns were premium currency, which was given for the success, and now they are rewarded for the investment of real money. So far there are no new crossovers in the game, but sooner or later there will appear in the store looks, for which collectors will have to pay. In general, now the developers are not interested in the audience that just spends time in their game, and they want them to actively bring in money.

What about on Switch?

The port on Xbox is no different - as Fall Guys looks like on Sony consoles, so it was on Microsoft platforms. Much more interesting is the Nintendo Switch version. In theory it should have appeared long ago, but it's out now, but with the cross-progression support - I earned a few levels on PS5, then downloaded the game on Switch and continued to complete the "Challenges" there.

However, there's a feeling that this version was delayed for a reason, and even now it's not fully ready. The main thing that catches your eye is the strange animations of your opponents: if there are more than ten "beans" on the screen, the number of their animations seems to be reduced by several times. Some opponents do not move their arms and legs at all, but simply slide on the ground. This does not cause any inconvenience, but still. In addition, the menu on the Switch slow: then the buttons do not respond, then the section with the combat skip loads for a few seconds. But you can play.

Perhaps the animations are still going to be fixed, but so far the developers have not commented.

The transition to freetoplay and the start of the new season have not turned Fall Guys into a different game. Rather, it's a great excuse to revisit it and remember how fun and still unique it is. Unfortunately, the monetization has gotten worse -- it's going to be increasingly difficult for those who want to collect the entire costume collection to do so. But new maps have freshened up the gameplay, and a redesigned challenge system encourages you to spend more time in the game. Especially if you've already played Fall Guys and received a fresh combat pass as a gift.